Le Toy Van

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Le Toy Van was founded in 1995 as a line of classic children’s wooden toys. Each of their painted wooden products are still designed in the UK, and their head
office is in Surrey. Known for their gorgeous wooden dolls houses, Le Toy Van has won numerous awards for their innovative designs. One of the world’s leading toy manufacturers, no nursery is complete without a piece by Le Toy Van. The company also takes an eco-approach with every traditional wooden toy produced using rubber wood sourced from replanted forests.


Parlane International

Parlane’s 40-year history is a testament to their design, quality and on-trend products. Today, Parlane is one of the world’s leading suppliers of stylish, affordable home accessories, and with each new season they never fail to disappoint. Parlane’s mission of ‘Pure Style, Made Simple’ is something that resonates with interior enthusiasts worldwide, and it shows in their proven success and much-loved brand.

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WoodWick Candles

Woodwick Candles

Using high quality soy wax blend and premium fragrances the Woodwick candles are some of the best quality candles available. Soy wax is not only a sustainable wax to use but it also gives a long, slow, clean burn so that they very best scent is released from a Woodwick candle.

Just as the name suggests the highly fragranced Woodwick candles have a special wooden wick. Made from natural, organic, wood they ”Crackle as it Burns” to give the soothing, comforting sound of a log fire whilst filling the home with beautiful aromas.

Each of the 10oz jar candles have a burn time of nearly 100 hours and release their scent constantly throughout the whole of that time.

The Woodwick collection includes the standard 10oz jar candle with the distictive Woodwick glass jar shape and wooden lid to keep the candle dust free when it is not in use. The Gallerie Collection features highly decorative tins filled with the Woodwick soy candle, for a very arty look. Woodwick Geometic collection candles are presented in slender glass jars wrapped in colourful geometic patterns and the Trilogy range brings the classic Woodwick glass jar shape but is filled with three different, complementing scents so that as the candle burns down it changes fragrance.

Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater at Woodbank Nurserires - Giftware

Emma Bridgewater, is the most popular home-made pottery, its beautiful and unique designs makes it stand out from the crowd. Here at Woodbank Nurseries and Garden Centre we are official stockists of the successful Emma Bridgewater collection. We have a large range for you to choose from.

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Old Guys Rule – A badge of honour

Old Guys Rule – Clothing & Gifts

There comes a time in your life when comfort meets substance. When all your hard work seems to have paid dividends and the world is at your command. All the things your hoped you could do someday you are doing. The toils of youth are now your experiences…..no longer the student but the teacher.

To celebrate your accomplishments we offer up “Old Guys Rule” to be worn as a badge of honour for a life well spent, but not nearly over…

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