New Tetra AquaArt Aquarium – Now in stock!

Tetra AquaArt Discovery Line Aquarium Complete Set 60L

Complete aquarium kit ideal for tropical or cold water fish.

  • High-quality glass aquarium (61 x 33,5 x 42,7 cm), 60 litre content
  • 5 mm thick, distortionless float glass with cut edges
  • Robust lid with long life fluorescent 13W T5 Sylvania bulb for outstanding brightness and illumination
  • Large, convenient openings make feeding simple and allow for easy access to the equipment
  • Innovative Tetra EasyCrystal Filter Box with two replacement filter cartridges for long-term crystal clear, healthy water
  • The EasyCrystal Filter is also extremely easy to clean; just replace the filter cartridge every 4 weeks. There’s no need to wash out the filter media, which means that your hands stay dry!
  • The aquarium’s high-quality design and state-of-the-art equipment ensure reliable, safe operation
  • Precise Tetra HT 50 Aquarium Heater
  • TetraMin staple food for all ornamental fish 100 ml – for health, vivid colours and vitality
  • Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 100 ml – transforms tap water into water suitable for fish
  • Tetra EasyBalance 100 ml – reduces the number of water changes needed
  • Informative Tetra brochure “Setting up an aquarium”
  • 3-year guarantee on glued joints and lid
  • Stylish design in a fashionable colour
  • Features handy attachments fitted to the edge of the aquarium, making it easy to mount the EasyCrystal Filter

Colourful Bouquets from Fleuriste

Visit Fleuriste at Woodbank to pick up a lovely bunch of cut flowers or a beautiful bouquet.

The selection of cut flowers available varies each week, so there is plenty of choice for customers who are looking for quality bunches of flowers.

You’ll also find beautiful, ready-made bouquets and vase arrangements which are perfect for gifts or for a special occasion. Our friendly team can also create a bespoke arrangement for you, if you prefer. You choose the flowers and how much you want to spend and we’ll do the rest.

Why not pop down to order something before you go into the Garden Centre, then your unique arrangement will be ready for you to pick up before you leave.

Below is a selection of images from some of our work.

New Jungle Resin Animals from Vivid Arts


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Ideal for animal lovers or those who just wish to add another dimension to their home or garden displays, the award-winning Vivid Arts Ornament Collection is the most realistic range of resin wildlife on the market today.

Using specialist modern technology each resin piece is so highly detailed that even on closer inspection it is easy to be fooled into thinking

Glass eyes add genuine personality

the ornaments are covered in fur as the definition of each individual hair is so pronounced and lifelike and the colourings are so accurate.

As is often the case, viewers of Vivid Arts products

are often compelled to touch or stroke the animals ‘just to make sure’ they are only resin and not covered with a softer coat.

Regardless of whether the creature represented has hair, leathery skin, feathers or spikes, with coloured glass eyes, painted noses, claws and in some cases, teeth, the personality of each individual model shines through.

Even scaly skin has texture

Broken down into distinctive categories including Jurassic Animals, Owls, Cats and Kittens and Farm Animals the continually expanding Vivid Arts catalogue includes young as well as adult birds and animals from most species including the very popular Pet Pals range

which all come packaged in unique carry boxes.

Available in a variety of sizes, the Vivid Arts ornaments are suitable to be used indoors as well as outside without any detrimental effect to the high quality decoration each piece is finished with and will certainly have friends and family doing a double-take when they first set eyes on them.

Incredible attention to detail

The best way to appreciate the quality and authenticity of the Vivid Arts range is to see the pieces up close which is why we now include a dedicated Vivid Arts display within our Gift Centre to allow you to get a real feel for the range.

Yorkshire Stone Benches, Birdbaths & More!


New lowered prices on the Yorkshire Stone range. Each piece is hand crafted (not cast) and made entirely of natural high quality local stone.

Our new prices bring the large bench down from £239.99 to £149.99 saving £90.00. See the full range in store now. Prices are while stocks last!

Sourced from the Holme Valley – Yorkshire stone is known for its hard wearing and durable qualities. Beautifully natural, it sits perfectly in any garden setting, blending peacefully with the surroundings.

Hand crafted by a local family of craftsment. The products have a traditional look, and feel, it is ideal for period properties, country gardens, patios and courtyards. They only use Yorkshire stone from reputable sources – and of the very highest quality.