Gro Sure Potatoe Gro Kit



The perfect way to grow potatoes in even the smallest garden! Kit contains 4 seed potatoes and a strong interwoven Grow Bag with drainage ports and easy carry handles.

Easy way for grow your own newcomers to grow potatoes with no previous skills or experience needed. Will fit on small balcony or patio. Two varieties (King Edward & Charlotte) available.


Top 5 Christmas Houseplants

It may be grey and miserable outside, but Christmas indoors should be filled with colour. Bringing the garden into the house keeps you in touch with nature. So here’s five great festive plants to brighten up your home.


This is perhaps the houseplant most associated with Christmas. Its rich red star shapes are often mistaken for flowers. But look closely – they are bracts! Their bright colour is to attract insects to the small flowers that lie in the middle.

Poinsettia are easier to grow than many people think. Shield the foliage from harsh winter winds as you take the plant home and keep it warm but not hot. Allow the compost to dry out between watering and then give it a good soak with warm water.

Click Here to find out how to care for your poinsettia.



Cyclamen are lovely upright plants with swept-back flowers sitting above a cloud of leaves. They come in a huge range of colours like pinks, reds and white.  Many varieties have have silvery or patterned foliage and a sweet scent.

Grow them in a bright spot away from hot sunlight and radiators. Allow the compost to dry a little before watering again. Do not over watering cyclamen.



They are such cheerful plants. Azaleas also make great gifts and come in pink, red and soft white.

Christmas azaleas need a cool spot away from direct sunlight. It’s also very important to keep the compost moist, the plant will wilt and die if it dries out.

Did you know? you can give them a drink of cold tea (without milk, obviously). The tannins and slight acidity help support the plant’s growth.


Orchids are one of the most popular houseplants and can be really showy-looking. Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) are great all-rounders, or try the Christmas-flowering cymbidium.

Cymbidium needs a slightly cooler temperature than other winter houseplants, so keep it away from heat sources. Choose a bright spot and water once every one to two weeks.


Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is a truly stunning plant. It’s a great cactus to try if you don’t like the little spiky barrel varieties. It’s large-growing and flowers at least once a year, with magnificent colour.

The Christmas cactus comes from Brazil and prefers a semi-shaded spot. It’s ideal for humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Or place the pot on a tray filled with gravel and add water until it almost touches the base of the pot. Keep it topped up for a striking display.

Chainsaw Wood Carvings

Chainsaw Wood Carvings

Now in stock at Woodbank Nurseries is a selection of hand crafted chainsaw sculptures, made in the UK. These sculptures are made from soft wood and can take up to 3 days to produce. Below is a gallery showing the chainsaw wood carvings in stock. You will be amazed on how true craftsmen can create images out of a piece of wood.

Container conifers for year-round pleasure

Container conifers for year-round pleasure

From 24th September to 2nd October is National Conifer Week.

As days shorten toward winter, the summer flowers in our patio containers fade away, leaving bare soil and unrealised potential behind. What’s a gardener to do? Luckily, elegant, dramatic conifers make an excellent choice for container gardens. You can count on conifers to provide twelve full months of colour.

Dwarf, slow-growing conifers come in an amazing array of exciting colours, snazzy shapes and diverse textures, so gardeners can find superior selections to compliment any style of home. Not only beautiful, conifers are durable plants by nature, with tough, trouble-free constitutions that make them easy to grow. They need little care to maintain their elegant good looks. Most dwarf conifers grow so slowly that, with appropriate care, they can thrive for years before outgrowing their spaces. Add seasonal flowers to change the scene during the year and to complement the structure of the conifers.

The popularity and availability of dwarf and slow-growing conifers has grown dramatically in recent years. Today, Woodbank offer small conifers that serve as the vertical accent for container arrangements: narrow spires and conical forms in colours that range from blue and green to yellow and white. Gardeners can also choose dense, compact conifers shaped like globes or buns, also in a range of colours, with a fantastic selection of textures. Some of them sport a soft, fluffy feel; others offer sturdy, stiff needles; and still others produce fern-like foliage that curves and twists or delicate needles that weep and drape. The options for dwarf conifers to fill containers are limited only by the imagination of the gardener.

Garden Lighting


Bring your garden to life with our brilliant range of high quality garden lighting.

From post lights to deck lights, you’re bound to find something in our range that will suit your space. Ideal for accenting borders, paths, driveways, beds or trees, the possibilities for adding a breathtaking visual display in your garden are endless.