A summer of colour…

Summer Bedding Plants image

Create a great display this summer with this great group of summer flowering plants.

Lets us guide you in your choices so that you keep the show going until late autumn!

Bring colourful plants right up to your doorstep or create a haven of colour and scent around your patio and barbecue area.

If your display starts to look jaded..no problem! Just pop down to and pick up some fresh colour!

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Now Open pets & aquatics department

After months of hard work we are pleased to announce that our newly renovated pets and aquatics  department is now open.

With 80 + stocked aquariums of tropical, cold water and  pond fish with popular fish as well as unusual species you’ve probably never heard of.

The Pets & Aquatics area is a haven for animal lovers and has everything you’ll ever need for your furry,  slippery or scaly friends!

Staffed by a team of knowledgeable staff, we can offer advice on all aspects of keeping animals – from providing a comfortable home to ensuring they remain happy and healthy in your care.

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Boost your herbaceous borders

The art of making beautiful borders is to think of yourself as painting with plants, using big, broad brush strokes (Arne Maynard)

Herbaceous borders can be as small as any space where you can plant a handful of plants. You do not need a big sprawling border.There is the opportunity to create an area like this in most gardens.

A herbaceous border or herbaceous bed, is simply an area planted up with perennials which die down in the winter, and re-grow the following spring to give a display of flowering colour throughout much of the summer, providing you choose the right plants.

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House plant of the month – Aloe

Aloe Vera plants at Woodbank Nurseries

Care tips for Aloe

  • Aloe is very easy to care for, thanks to its succulent properties the plant stores moisture in the thick leaf rosettes to get it through dry periods.
  • Water once a fortnight. The pot soil can be left to dry out between waterings.
  • Aloe likes a light and sunny spot. The plant can also be placed outdoors on the patio or balcony in the summer months.
  • Feed once a month during the growth season.
  • Aloe flowers after a short rest period in the winter, during which the plant should have little water and no food. The plant develops when the days start getting longer again, at which point you should give it some more water and food.

Visit the House Plant Pavilion for a wide range of house plants in a variety of shapes and sizes. For more details click here!

Safe Plants for Gardens with Dogs

The plants listed in the following pages have been listed by the ASPCA poison control centre as being ‘safe’ for planting in areas frequented by dogs and other pets. Please note, reactions to various chemicals found in plants may differ across animal species, and even by breed. Whilst the following plants should not cause severe or fatal poisoning, we do not suggest you should allow your pet to play with, or ingest, any parts of these plants. The contents of these pages is meant only as a suggested guideline. If you are in any doubt as to the safety of any plants mentioned, please consult other sources.

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