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How to grow Chicory

Chicory Chicory is not fussy about soil type. However it does require a sunny spot. Dig the soil in autumn or winter and incorporate compost if the soil is short of humus. Prepare the seed bed a few days before sowing. Rake a general purpose fertiliser into the surface. Sowing Time May-June. Crop Care Hoe regularly to keep weeds down. […]

How to grow Lettuce

Lettuce The soil for planting needs to be neutral – alkaline, have adequate organic matter and to be kept moist throughout the life of the crop. Choose a sunny or lightly shaded site. In the autumn or early winter, dig the soil and incorporate compost. Shortly before sowing rake the soil to produce a fine tilth and apply a general fertiliser. […]

How to grow Swede

Sweede Sowing Seed Swedes are brassicas and like other members of the family they need firm, non-acid soil, which has reasonable drainage. Pick a sunny spot and dig in autumn. Lime if necessary. In spring apply Growmore fertiliser, then prepare the seed bed about a week later. Apply a nematode-based insecticide if cabbage root fly is a known problem. Sowing Time May-June. […]

How to grow Beetroot

Beetroot Choose a sunny spot. Dig in autumn or early winter. Add well-rotted compost if humus content is low. Lime if the soil is acidic. In spring prepare the seed bed and rake in Growmore fertiliser 2-3 weeks prior to sowing. Sowing Time Mid-April-June. Crop Care When seedlings are about 1” high, thin out to leave a single plant at […]

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