Container conifers for year-round pleasure

From 24th September to 2nd October is National Conifer Week.

As days shorten toward winter, the summer flowers in our patio containers fade away, leaving bare soil and unrealised potential behind. What’s a gardener to do? Luckily, elegant, dramatic conifers make an excellent choice for container gardens. You can count on conifers to provide twelve full months of colour.

Dwarf, slow-growing conifers come in an amazing array of exciting colours, snazzy shapes and diverse textures, so gardeners can find superior selections to compliment any style of home. Not only beautiful, conifers are durable plants by nature, with tough, trouble-free constitutions that make them easy to grow. They need little care to maintain their elegant good looks. Most dwarf conifers grow so slowly that, with appropriate care, they can thrive for years before outgrowing their spaces. Add seasonal flowers to change the scene during the year and to complement the structure of the conifers.

The popularity and availability of dwarf and slow-growing conifers has grown dramatically in recent years. Today, Woodbank offer small conifers that serve as the vertical accent for container arrangements: narrow spires and conical forms in colours that range from blue and green to yellow and white. Gardeners can also choose dense, compact conifers shaped like globes or buns, also in a range of colours, with a fantastic selection of textures. Some of them sport a soft, fluffy feel; others offer sturdy, stiff needles; and still others produce fern-like foliage that curves and twists or delicate needles that weep and drape. The options for dwarf conifers to fill containers are limited only by the imagination of the gardener.