Florists at Woodbank

Our award winning florists will custom design floral bouquets, sprays and arrangements for any occasion including anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, funerals or for those special romantic moments!

If you want to say it with beautiful flowers then you are in the right place! Life is always so busy, although we have the best intentions we don’t always get to visit a loved one as often as we would like…

Our Sympathy Collection

Single ended spray

A harvest themed spray, including wheat, roses and sunflowers. Code: SES_01 £75 medium £95 large

Mixed seasonal sheaf

Available in a colour scheme of your choice. Code: TS_03 £50 small £75 medium £95 large

Simple rose sheaf

Available in a colour scheme of your choice Code TS_02 £30 Small £50 Medium £90 Large

White Lily tied sheaf

Simply stunning. Lily sheaf, approx 1m (3ft) long and heavy. Code TS_01 £75 Medium £95 Large
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