August sees a slight ease up of jobs to do in the garden which is great timing and gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy the results of your efforts over the last few months.  In your beds and borders flowers that should be in prolific bloom in August include blue agapanthus, pink and purple monarda, pink echinacea, fiery red crocosmia and yellow heliopsis. Some form of staking may be necessary if the plants are not propping each other up.

Continue feeding and watering pots, containers and vegetable and harvesting your crops as and when they are ready.

Plant up colchicum and autumn flowering crocus to give you a fantastic flower display in September and October.

During drought periods, spike the lawn surface with a garden fork to ensure that all available moisture whether from rain or sprinkler gets down evenly to the roots rather than running off to the edges of the lawn.


Strawberries are the easiest fruits to propagate as they produce tiny plantlets at the end of runners at this time of the year.
To encourage them to root tidily, peg down the new plantlets into individual pots of Multi-Purpose Compost using wire or a straightened-out paper clip.

After a month or so the runners to these new plants can be cut and the rooted plants moved to a new row that has been enriched with Miracle-Gro Fruit & Vegetable Compost. Tidy up parent plants that you wish to keep with a pair of shears, cutting off all this year’s foliage.

Here are some more tips on what to do in the garden this month:


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