Sutton’s Grafted Vegetable Plants in Stock!

Sutton’s Seeds are revolutionising the home grown vegetable market with its range of grafted vegetable plants!

Commercially the grafting method of vegetable production has been used for some-time, however Sutton’s Seeds have developed the grafted plant for the home gardener and our customers have had extraordinary results. Available for aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, sweet potato, melons and squashes. Gardeners can expect up to 75% more crop!

All areas of the plants’ growing life-cycle are improved from:

Sutton’s have taken the best varieties available and grafted them onto extremely vigorous-growing root stocks. Commercial crops have been grown in this way for a while and have been shown to:

Grafted vegetables perform well in sunny, sheltered spots outside, but are particularly recommended for Greenhouse growing, where they will fulfill their full potential.

Sutton’s have produced grafted Tomatoes, Grafted peppers, Grafted Melons, Grafted Watermelons, and Grafted Squash.

View our video on how to care for your grafted plants

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