Multi Purpose Compost

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Our Multi Purpose Compost is produced from high quality Sphagnum Moss Peat blended with essential plant nutrients including trace elements and lime to ensure vigorous healthy growth of plants at all stages, in a wide variety of growing situations. A special Wetting Agent has also been added to ease re-wetting.

Our Multi Purpose Compost provides the ideal growing medium for seed sowing, striking cuttings, growing on young plants and potting on established plants. It provides the ideal balance between water holding ability and free drainage. Our Multi Purpose Compost is recommended for window boxes, containers and hanging baskets and for planting out shrubs and trees.

Not suitable for lime- hating plants (azaleas, camellias, heathers and rhododendrons) for these use an Ericaceous Compost.

Helpful gardening tips

• Rework compost between hands before use to reconstitute
• Wear gardening gloves when handling
• Reseal bag after use
• Store our Multi-Purpose Compost in a dry, frost free environment away from weed killers and other chemicals

Safety tips

• Open pack carefully and avoid breathing in dust.
• Wear gloves when handling and wash hands thoroughly after use
• Keep bag away from babies and young children to avoid danger of suffocation
• In case of any adverse reaction seek medical assistance immediately

This pack has been filled in accordance with the Growing Media Association Code of Practice for Quantity Measurement.

*See Code of Practice at

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