Hozelock Multi Spray Set 2347

  • Five spray patterns for all garden tasks
  • Made from high quality materials for increased durability
  • Quick connect male connector allows a simple connection to your Hozelock System
  • Flow control that adjusts the level of water sprayed
  • Complete with:
    1/2″ & 3/4″ Outdoor Tap Connector
    Hose End Connector
    Aqua stop connector

£14.99 inc, Vat

Hozelock Multi Spray Set 2347



Made from high quality materials, this Hozelock Multi Spray gun comes with a quick connect male connector to allow fast changing between attachments making garden watering hassle free.

Soft-touch rear trigger – Soft-touch trigger is comfortable to hold and fits neatly in the hand.

On/Off trigger lock – Locks the trigger in position when watering for a prolonged time.

Flow control – Adjusts from 50% to 100% for complete control and helps to save water.

Five spray patterns – Cone for delicate watering, Powerful jet for cleaning, Fast Fill for filling buckets and watering cans, Fine Rose for gently watering seedlings and Flat for rinsing soap off cars.