Miracle-Gro All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food

  • Feeds plants for up to 6 months, removing the needs for regular feeding
  • Temperature controlled coating releases nutrients only when conditions are right for feeding
  • Ideal for all types of plants and suitable for fruit and vegetables
  • Ideal for beds, borders, pots, containers and hanging baskets

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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food

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Miracle-Gro controlled-release plant food contains a special mix of Miracle-Gro nutrients to help produce beautiful, healthy plants with more blooms. The evenly balanced nutrients contained in this plant food are ideal for flowers, fruit and vegetables in fact, for everything in the garden. There is a special coating on the granules that controls the release of the plant food so that it matches the needs of each plant. The release rate is controlled by soil temperature the warmer it gets, the faster the plants grow and the more nutrients are released from the plant food, ensuring that plants are not short of balanced nutrients over the six month growing season.