Multi Spray Plus 2684 8

  • High quality feel thanks to a soft-touch ergonomic handle
  • Variable trigger flow control, the harder you squeeze, the more water you get
  • Lockable flow trigger minimising water wastage
  • Six spray patterns for top level cleaning and gardening tasks
  • Complete with aqua stop connector fitting

£23.99 inc, Vat

Multi Spray Plus 2684 8

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The Multi Spray Gun Plus combines fantastic looks, comfortable soft touch ergonomics with a range of genuinely useful, class leading spray patterns.

Patented variable trigger flow control – The harder you squeeze the trigger, the more water you will get.

Two stage locking trigger – Lock at 100% flow and 40% flow.

Lockable rear soft-touch trigger – Lockable rear soft-touch trigger for prolonged use.

Six spray patterns – Cone for delicate watering , Powerful jet for cleaning , Fast Fill for filling buckets and watering cans , Fine Rose for gentle watering , Flat for rinsing soap off cars and Fine Mist for seedlings.