Vitax Blood Fish and Bone Fertiliser

Blood Fish & Bone plant feed is a traditional style fertiliser that is favoured by many gardeners as it is 100% organic. It promotes healthier plants with stronger root systems and lush foliage.

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Vitax Blood Fish and Bone Fertiliser

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Blood, fish, and bone feed is a traditional, organic, general purpose fertiliser and plant feed from Vitax. It helps encourage stronger growth in plants and promotes healthier root development. Blood Fish & Bone Feed contains Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potash; 3 major nutrients needed for growing healthy plants. Nitrogen encourages growth and rich green foliage, Phosphate helps with root development, and potash improves flower colour and the ripening of fruits and vegetables. The ratio of NPK in Blood, Fish & Bone is 3-9-3 with a high phosphorous for root development. This is an ideal fertilizer for use when planting seedlings or bare root fruit plants.

Blood, Fish and Bone can be applied prior to sowing or planting and as required throughout the growing season.

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