wine scented candles

These Vineyard candles are handcrafted in Cornwall, using 100% long burn natural soya wax, blended with fragrances from around the world that are found in our favourite tipples. The glassware is artisan fashions from re-purposed wine and champagne bottles, with the rims polished and smoothed for a perfect finish. Choose from five gorgeous fragrances, Prosecco, Gin & Tonic, Merlot, Pinot Grigio or Shiraz.

wine scented candles

Prosecco Candle – a scent that’s lively and fruity with a subtle oak background! It even smells fizzy and is the best seller at shows and fairs.
Gin & Tonic Candle – a scent of English Juniper and Tuscan lemon
Merlot Candle – a scent bursting with berries and hints of Mediterranean herbs and spices
Pinot Grigio Candle – a scent of citrus with a subtle herb background
Shiraz Candle – a scent of Serville orange and Bergamot! Wonderfully full bodied

Each candle comes in a custom made gift box (which looks lovely and protects the candle in transit) and then wrapped in tissue paper to make a lovely gift set.

Candle measures 10.5 cm by 8cm
Within gift box it measures 13cm by 9cm

These best sellers make great gifts for friends and family or a treat for yourself. They certainly are a talking point and people love them!wine scented candles